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Manic Love Co. is the adult superstore that Canada needs. This company is nestled in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada; supplying the public with all of their sexual accessory needs. Manic Love Co. sells what you need; we sell toys for couples, woman toys, anal toys, lubricants, any toy that you can think of! Please enter our humble site and allow Manic Love Co. to meet your needs.

Toy Review: Anal Glide Lube

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Toy Review: Anal Glide Lube

Will Addams

Hello everyone, this is Will Addams again. I am here to write about my experience with Anal Glide Lube. This lube is fairly distinct among the array of other lubes. It has a particular look and feel to it. Anal Glide also has an interesting lack of qualities when it comes to smell and taste. I went a little bit further than usual in this report and began to experiment with Anal Glide in regards to its tackiness, washability, and heat resistance. For these tests I used the 4.74 ounce pump container of Anal Glide Lube. I have come to the conclusion that Anal Glide Lube is a specialty lube, it should only be used for a few activities, but works incredibly well for those purposes.

Sight, Smell & Taste of the Lube

Anal Glide Lube is an oil based lube and it demonstrates the characteristics of that formula. Anal Glide's appearance is similar to Vaseline. It is thick, has an opaque white color, and has a solid state unlike water or silicone based lubes. Although, Anal Glide has some advantages over Vaseline. It does not have any smell, or taste, to it. I unscrewed the top and brought my nose a inch from the lube. Even though it was that close to my nose I could not detect any smell. I then dabbed a bit of Anal Glide on my finger and placed that dab on my tongue. There was no taste to it, just an oily residue left on my tongue. I then moved on to the next phase of experimentation.

Washability, Tackiness, & Heat Resistance

I approached this report as if it were a science experiment and I wanted to see how the Anal Glide Lube would hold up against different stages of washing and heat. I also wanted to see how tacky the lube was. I squirted a dollop of lube onto my hand and mashed between my fingers and on my palm. I wanted to make sure that it was spread across my entire hand. This was meant to mimic the aftermath of masturbation or sexual activity. I then went to wash it off with just water. I placed my hand under warm water. Warm water knocked some if the lube off, but the majority of it remained on my hand. Plain water will not remove this lube. I proceeded to rub my wet hands with soap and placed them back under warm water. This removed most of the Anal Glide Lube. Although, there was still an oily residue after washing with soap and rinsing with water. This residue was removed when I toweled my hands dry. The next phase of my check list was the tackiness of the lube.

When I was spreading Anal Glide Lube across my hand and mashing it between my fingers I could feel that it was not tacky in terms of stickiness. It gives a very smooth gliding feeling. I then placed a squirt of lube on my finger tip, held it upside down and started my stopwatch. The Anal Glide Lube stayed in place, while upside down, for eight minutes. It did not slide, droop, or lose its initial form. Therefore, I would say that it is tacky in the sense that it will remain on the surface that is placed onto. The next phase of evaluation was how heat resistant Anal Glide is.

I was rather interested to see how well Anal Glide Lube would stand up to heat. I placed a quarter sized dollop into a microwavable dish and then placed that dish into the microwave. The lube lasts until the forty-five second mark when the microwave is on high power. Once the lube has undergone forty-five seconds of heat it begins to liquefy. This means that when Anal Glide is exposed to body heat, during masturbation or sex, it will become a liquid. Therefore, leading to a more velvety smooth sensation.

Formula of the Lube

The very oil based formula of Anal Glide Lube restricts it from certain uses. Oil based lubes should not be used for sex with condoms, used with sex toys, or used for vaginal sex. Oil based lubes can deteriorate the integrity of condoms and sex toys. You should avoid pairing oil based lubes with condoms and toys, unless the condom/toy explicitly says it is resistant to oil based lubes. Oil based lubes should also be avoided in vaginal sex as it is much harder for the vagina to clean out oils. This could lead to painful vaginal irritation. The activities that Anal Glide Lube is best suited for are masturbation, handjobs, and unprotected anal sex. Anal Glide Lube works incredibly well for these activities because it does not dry out, does not need to be reapplied, and resists moisture. This is why I called Anal Glide a specialty lube earlier. It is designed for specialized purposes. I decided to approach one of these purposes from a first hand point of view.

My Conclusion of the Lube

As part of this report I decided to use Anal Glide Lube for masturbation. From the pump container I got one pump of lube, this should be more than enough for any activity. That gave me a quarter sized dollop of lube. I mashed this up in my hand and began stroking my penis. Anal Glide lube gives you a sensation of zero friction when there is skin on skin. There is no resistance to speak of between your hand and penis. Your body heat will also warm up the lube to the point of liquefication. This causes the lube to heat up slightly, giving you a mild warming effect during masturbation. Now, the true test would be if Anal Glide Lube would be effective on the calluses on my hands. To my surprise, I couldn't feel any hint of a callus. My hand glided over my penis with zero friction and a slight warming effect. This all lead to a fantastic masturbatory experience. I would recommend Anal Glide Lube to anyone. While this lube is not suitable for every act, it performs amazingly well in the handful of activities that it is meant for.

-Will Addams, Quality Control Officer.