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Amber Rose Going Without Sex

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Amber Rose Going Without Sex

Josh Killoran

 from Instagram, @amberrose

from Instagram, @amberrose

Guys, Amber Rose has been having a rough year. On Friday – June 16th, 2017 – she posted a meme on her Instagram account. This meme had the caption, “When it's six months into 2017 and you still haven't been fucked yet.” Amber Rose's comment on this meme stated that she is a full time mom and business woman. Therefore, she doesn't have time to go hunting for dick(1). My initial reaction was, “Amber no, say it ain't so.” A beauty like that needs a healthy dose of sex on a regular basis, but don't we all. But then I let those thoughts simmer in my head for a bit. First of all, Amber was talking about fucking, not masturbation. There's no reason to assume that she isn't spending quality time with her favorite vibrator. These thoughts also led me to question whether or not abstaining from sex is unhealthy. If so, how unhealthy is it? One Google rabbit hole later I had my answer.

The Effects of Celibacy

According to most experts going without sex for long stretches of time isn't unhealthy, medically speaking. Going without it isn't going to give you any kind of deadly illnesses, like cancer. Of course, that's providing you don't want sex. If you do want it, but aren't getting it, abstinence can cause psychologically distress. Having a deep desire that goes unfulfilled can give you anxiety and depression. Both of which lead to a lower quality of life(2). So, if you're in a situation like Amber Rose where you're just too busy to fuck for six months you should be fine. However, a lack of sexual activity does change your body. Long periods of celibacy can lead to erectile dysfunction in men and women can have a harder time getting wet. It is also likely to lead to higher stress levels, lower libidos, and weaker cardiovascular health. Let's not forget that having sex is a workout. Also, sexual activity has been shown to lead to an increase of neuron growth in your brain(3). While going without sex isn't dangerous there definitely seem to be more benefits to having sex. Although, maybe when focus is needed stepping away from sex could help.

Will Amber's Focus Increase?

 from Instagram, @amberrose

from Instagram, @amberrose

Let's face it Amber Rose is a busy woman and sex can be a distraction. An active sex life is one more obstacle that needs to be navigated in life. If you already have plenty of obstacles, like work, then perhaps sex needs to be put aside for a little while while you focus on the business at hand. There was a 2009 study that looked at the correlation between sex and academic achievements of high school students. This study showed that students that didn't have sex until they were eighteen were 0.098% more likely to graduate high school and 0.170% more likely to go to college(4). Now, lets break this study down. Eighteen is the age high school students graduate. So, the students mentioned in this study basically went without sex throughout high school. There's no biological reason that not having sex gets you higher grades – it's a matter of focus. The teenagers that didn't get laid in school were able to apply their entire attention to their school work. Rather than having to split it between social studies, math and ass. Seeing how busy Amber Rose is – acting, modeling, cosmetic lines, hosting a talk show, etc. – it makes sense that there would be long stretches of time where she needs to apply her focus to work. Besides, it's pretty obvious that Amber Rose could get laid whenever she wanted to.


Perhaps my initial sentence was off the mark. Amber Rose hasn't had a rough year, she's had a busy year. A year where she's needed to apply her focus towards work. Therefore, Amber Rose has been going through a dry spell. We now know that even if she's celibate – come on, she's masturbating – as long as she isn't craving sex she'll be fine. Amber's body might change a bit, but nothing too serious. However, by not indulging in sex it is likely that the focus she has on her work has increased. That increased focus should improve her productivity as well. While there might be more physical benefits to an active sex life, eliminating distractions will increase your focus and can benefit your work. However, the benefits you get from sex are really gained from orgasms and those orgasm can be achieved through masturbation. So, even if you're taken a break from sex the healthiest option would be to keep masturbating. We also know, from past blogs, that the more intense the orgasm the greater your benefits will be. If we take nothing else away from Amber Rose's Instagram we can learn that there are times in life when we have to forego sex, but stick with masturbation, in order to get down to work. Besides, the year's only half over there's plenty of time left for Amber Rose to fuck.

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