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The Art of Sucking

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The Art of Sucking

Josh Killoran

Some young folks might have heard about blow jobs from Cardi B. and Nicki Minaj lyrics, little do they know that the art of fellatio has been around for millennia. It even showed up in the Kamasutra as well as in ancient folk medicine. However, in more recent history doctors have started to ruin everyone's good time. They've been discovering that sucking dick comes with it's own risks, mainly nasty infections. The cave men didn't know these risks when they were having mouth parties, tis the plight of modern man to be burdened with knowledge. Yet, as modern humans you still have the love for oral sex that our ancient counterparts did.

Blowjobs in the Kamasutra

Some of the oldest writings regarding sucking dick comes from the ancient Indian text the Kamasutra. They didn't place it on the same level as standard sex though. Fellatio was referred to as Auparishtaka, or mouth congress, and it was looked down upon. Indian society went as far to say that anyone of high status was not to engage in this base activity, regardless of how delectable it was. The Kamasutra declares fellatio to be the work of wanton, unchaste ladies and eunuchs. These eunuchs that the text refers to appear to be homosexual men. It is stated that they worked as shampooers that would offer their customers blow jobs on the sly. While ancient Indian society may have dismissed the hobby of these poor eunuchs it was common enough that an ancient medical text identified gouge marks on penises, from teeth, as a source of disease. This text is called the Shustruta. There's also an out in the Kamasutra for anyone reading that might feel guilty about tasting a dick or two. A key figure in the Kamasutra, named Vatsyayana, proclaims that all acts are connected through love and that everyone should act according to their own customs and inclinations(1). In another odd turn of events despite the Kamasutra calling Auparishtaka unclean it does lay out procedure for it.

Being the giant how-to guide that it is, the Kamasutra provides step-by-step instructions for how to swallow cock. It even gives additional instructions if it's a man-on-man situation. In the Kamsutra's version of fellatio there are eight steps. The first step is called Nominal Congress. The step of Nominal Congress is your dick's introduction to the mouth in question. The giver holds the penis and places it between their lips, moving it around their mouth. After this step the giver moves on to the step of Biting the Sides. While performing Biting the Sides the giver covers the the tops of the dick with their fingers and presses their lips up and down the sides. All the while using their teeth to nibble it every now and again. After this comes Pressing Outside. During Pressing Outside the giver kisses the tip of the penis as if urging it to come out and play. That quick step transitions to Pressing Inside. While performing Pressing Inside the giver simply moves the cock a little bit further into their mouth while pressing it with their lips and then taking it out. After Pressing Inside comes Kissing. During the kissing step of the blow job the giver gently kisses the penis as if it were the lip of a lover. Then comes the Rubbing step. While the giver is Rubbing they use their tongue to lick every inch of the dick that they are working and end the step with running their tongue over the end of that dick. As the blow job builds in intensity you move into the Sucking a Mango Fruit step. While Sucking a Mango Fruit the giver holds onto half of the penis while forcibly kissing and sucking it. Finally we move to the grand finale of Auparishtaka called Swallowing Up. During the Swallowing Up phase the giver, quite simply, works the entire cock into their mouth as if to swallow it. In addition to all of these steps if a man is going down on another man then the giver is supposed to put up resistance after each step. They are only to keep going on if the receiver tells them to. The Kamasutra also states that you can slap around the giver of a blow job a little bit(1). Ancient India isn't the only culture that indulges the idea of fellatio. It also shows up in traditional Chinese medicine.

First Aid Blowjobs

Fellatio appears in the context of traditional Chinese medicine as a form of first aid. Granted it's first aid for a very specific ailment and is only used in drastic circumstances, it wouldn't do any good on a broken arm. In this field of medicine there's a disease known as Shenkui Syndrome, this syndrome really only exists in China and Chinese populations. It is theorized to be a result of being depleted of vital fluids, mainly cum. It has been known to affect women, but mostly befalls young men. If a poor soul contracts Shenkui Syndrome they feel a strange retracting sensation in their genitals. That's right, they're convinced that their genitals are getting sucked back up inside them. Now, having a retracted penis isn't the final symptom of Shenkui Syndrome. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine believe that if the genitals completely retract it will end in death. It is also important to note that young boys get diagnosed with Shenkui Syndrome. That's where the first aid element of dick sucking comes into play(2). Imagine that your child was dying of a retracting penis and that you had a suction device on your face.

When young boys get diagnosed with Shenkui Syndrome their families become distraught because they're convinced that their son is going to die. They also believe that if they can keep that penis from completely retracting he will cling onto life. Do you see where this is going? Apparently it is not uncommon to find a mother of a boy diagnosed with Shenkui Syndrome sucking at his dick for dear life... literally. This is all to keep it from retracting. Another interesting thing about Shenkui Syndrome is that there is very little evidence that it's a physiological disease. In fact all of the physical symptoms of Shenkui Syndrome are also symptoms of panic. It would appear that these physical symptoms arise from the patients strong belief in the Shenkui Syndrome's existence. Modern Chinese doctors will actually treat it with an injection of calcium gluconate, which simply makes the patient feel warm(2). It would certainly appear that fellatio has a long history in some of the oldest cultures on Earth in different contexts. It's role has also changed as it moved into the modern age. Oral sex is simply another expression of sex to be enjoyed like the rest. However, like other forms of sex oral comes with risks in the modern day.

Blowjobs are Risky Business

Bill Clinton sure did make blow jobs look like fun. He was willing to lose the most powerful position in the world in order to get that dick wet. Since Clinton's dick swinging administration oral sex has become increasingly banal. It's steadily referenced in hip hop, comedies, etc. Well, doctors want to ruin your fun with more info about infections and viruses, as it turns out all forms of sex come with risks. The obvious explanation is that the genital that you are sucking on could have an infection that could be transferred to your mouth. There are a plethora of bacteria that could jump into your throat from a stiff cock – one of them being gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is a simple bacterial infection that can easily lodge itself in your throat. Possible symptoms of this infection are inflammation in the infected area – your throat – accompanied with a build up of pus. It is also possible that there wouldn't be any symptoms. People can become carriers of gonorrhea and just pass it own to other people. A similar infection that can be passed on through oral sex is chlamydia. Chlamydia is particularly nasty because it can easily lead to other infections in you throat, mouth, and nose(3). Out of the diseases that oral sex can get you these ones are relatively minor because you can get rid of them.

While oral sex is a great way to spend the afternoon you might come away from it with something permanent. If you're going down on someone with herpes you'll probably get it yourself. Herpes is a virus that gives you blisters on either your lips or genitals, depending on where it lands. Now, there aren't any pills that will cure you of herpes. You can treat the attacks, but you'll have to deal with the bouts for the foreseeable future. Yet another virus that you can't get rid of, but could get from fellatio, is HPV. There are 170 different strains of HPV. Not all of them are calamitous, some strains just cause warts, but some give you cancer. It was initially speculated that HPV could lead to cancer in 2010. That speculation was confirmed three years later. Now if a cancerous HPV strain gets in your mouth your going to find yourself with tiny white threads putting a strangle hold on your vocal chords. The American Association for Cancer Research put out a statement saying that half of all oral cancers are related to HPV(3). While HPV might sound like the most awful thing that you could get from oral sex, it does get worse.

It rarely happens but it is possible that giving a blow job could give you HIV. Granted when it comes to HIV oral sex is safer than anal or vaginal sex and there are things that only increase/decrease the risk level. If you, for whatever reason, you have ulcers in your mouth and suck an HIV infected dick that increases your risk. Ejaculating HIV infected semen into a mouth increases the risk of getting it. You can reduce the risk of infection by using a condom, but you won't completely eliminate the risk. The only saving grace is that it is very difficult to contract HIV through oral sex. This list might make oral sex sound scary, but you can still enjoy it. You simply need to take precautions. One way to be cautious is limiting your number of sexual partners and figuring out if those sex partners have any infections. Those are probably the simplest precautions that you can take in addition to them using condoms or dental dams during oral sex will also reduce the risk of infection. Specifically for HPV there is a vaccine that you can take to inoculate yourself against it. However, the most obvious precaution to take is simply going to a doctor if you think you might be sick(3). There's a reason that so many people take the risk of getting these maladies and why fellatio's been around so long. It feels really good.


The risks associated with fellatio are not a reason to avoid it – simply things to keep in mind. If it were all that dangerous the human race would be extinct by now. Blow jobs have been around for thousands of years after all. The Kamasutra is simply an early record of the act. It is so entrenched in human history that it even made it in to an ancient field of medicine as first aid, granted a tad bizarre but desperate times call for desperate measures. As fellatio has followed us into the modern era of medicine we now know the risks that this fun past time comes with. While many of those risky infections are curable some aren't and are best to avoid as much as possible. All you need to do is think about is think about your partner a couple seconds longer. Ask yourself, “are they the kind of sleaze ball that would give you the clap?” If that's the case you probably shouldn't suck or lick. Problem solved.

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