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Learn All About Cuckolds

Josh Killoran

What A Cucked Up World

In the last seventeen years the world has seen an explosion in fetishes of all kinds. One of those fetishes we've seen blow up, in both porn and people's lives, is the phenomenon of cuckolding. The origins of cuckolding is nothing new, it began in the time of Shakespeare and has morphed into something entirely different. Cuckolding has many different facets, there are the physical requirements. There's also all of the psychological drama taking place. That's not all, cuckolding appears to be growing in popularity and it is bleeding into other subcultures in our society. It is clear to all those watching that cuckolding will only grow bigger and most likely keep morphing.


You may have heard Donald Trump supporters latch onto an abbreviation of cuckold: cuck. However, they are far from the originators. In the middle of the thirteenth century there was a word in Old French, kukewald. Kukewald is the Old French word for the Cuckoo bird. Over time this word morphed into the familiar cuckold. This is in reference to the way that the cuckoo bird will lay its eggs in the nests of other birds for them to raise. The original meaning for cuckold was just the husband of an adulterous wife (no hidden eroticism there)(1). This meaning fits better with the metaphor of the cuckoo bird. Think about it, if the wife of the cuckold were to get pregnant then the husband would be stuck raising a child that was not his offspring. Very similar to the eggs of the cuckoo bird. Unfortunately cuckolds have changed over the years and they no longer fit within the metaphor of the cuckoo bird.


Cuckolding has transformed since the days of Chaucer and Shakespeare from being an insult to being a full blown fetish. In more recent years cuckolding has exploded in popularity. The modern day cuckold is driven mad with lust at the fantasy, sometimes the reality, of their wife/girlfriend having sex with another man. In the cuckolding scenario the wife/girlfriend is known as the hot-wife. This third man is usually more virile and more well endowed in order to further shame the cuckold, he is known as the bull. The cuckold is very involved in this process, sometimes to the point of going out and finding the bull for his hot-wife. The typical scenario is the the hot-wife having sex with the bull while the cuckold watches, usually in the same room. Quite often the hot-wife will tell the cuckold how much bigger and better the bull makes her feel. While this would drive the average person mad with jealousy it only arouses the cuckold(2). This scenario is one of the typical ways the cuckolding scenario plays out, but it can sometimes move into more extreme territory.

In many cuckolding scenarios the cuckold is shamed and humiliated by being “forced” to watch the bull satisfy the hot-wife. The cuckold will be in the corner usually masturbating, while the hot-wife is moaning in ecstasy and the bull plows into her in ways that the cuckold just cannot. However, this scenario can escalate. Sometimes the cuckold will wind up servicing the bull with the hot-wife. The cuckold might offer the alpha-male bull his warm mouth or ass to add to the shaming. In another scenario the cuckold will be “forced” to clean up the mess the bull made inside the hot-wife. The bull might creampie the hot-wife leaving his jizz to be lapped up by the cuckold. Slurping up another man's cum out of his wife only feeds the cuckold's need for humiliation. In most real life cuckold scenarios the cuckold will have passionate sex with the hot-wife, vigor renewed, after the bull leaves because their fetish has been satisfied. Like many fetishes, this scenario will probably seem odd to the average person. However, there might be a biological explanation for cuckolding. Robin Baker proposed a theory that has been dubbed the Sperm Wars Theory. It simply states that the biological urge to breed creates greater sexual arousal when men are presented with sexual competition. In fact it could be said that the most basic porn scenario, boy meets girl, plays into the cuckold sensibilities(2). Watching people have sex arouses the bestial response to sexual competition. It becomes more of a fetish when it is paired with the need for humiliation and shame.


It has been suggested that cuckolding might have a psychological relative in the BDSM world. This is due to the fact that cuckolds relish the humiliation and shame that comes from their hot-wife getting ravaged by the bull. All cuckolds are voluntarily walking into a realm of mental anguish... and they love that anguish. They slurp up that anguish like so many creampies. Those involved in the cuckolding life have recently begun to celebrate cuckolding as an intellectual pursuit. Precisely because they are able to side step that mental anguish and jealousy. Cuckolds are, in fact, fine with the hot-wife having sex with the bull. What they're afraid of is the possibility of the hot-wife forming an intellectual or emotional bond with the bull. Cuckolds aren't polygamists, they just get off on their partner having sex with others. There's no room for extra relationships in the cuckolding game(3). This fetish has a tendency to get complicated because of the introduction of a third person. Yet, despite its complications cuckolding is growing across cultures.

Gay Cuckolding

In the past cuckolding has been a straight fetish, for the most part. However, it is beginning to move onto the gay sex-world. Three-ways were never unheard of in the gay culture, however cuckolding has one major difference from a three-way. In any cuckolding scenario the cuckold is kept from participating in the sex, unless to service the bull or clean up, and is often ridiculed by the bull or hot-wife. As of 2016 a survey of the LGBT community was being done in regards to cuckolding. This survey was being done by Dan Savage, David Ley (PhD), and Justin J. Lehmiller (PhD). The trio discovered that cuckolding is gaining popularity within the gay community. It has been theorized that this might be because of gay marriage being legalized, specifically in the world's major superpower. This train of thought states that gay marriage getting legalized is a part of gay culture becoming normalized and therefore adopting some of the sexual practices of the majority, i.e. straight people. Another possible explanation is that different cultures just naturally feed into each other and gay cuckolding is just an example of the straight culture feeding into the gay culture. However, I think it is more likely that the psychological profile of a cuckold is much more common than we used to think. There are obviously a lot of people, regardless of their sexual orientation, that like to be sexually shamed(4). The evidence being the growing popularity of cuckolding.


Once you take a peek into the world of cuckolding you begin to think that Trump Boosters don't quite know what they're talking about when they use the word cuck. Cuckold was an insult in the thirteenth century and was used as such by writers of that era. However, language evolves with society. Cuckold is no longer an insult but a fetish. Whether or not the cuckold is cleaning up after the bull or just masturbating while watching the hot-wife riding the bull, he receives the shame that he craves. The ability that a cuckold needs to compartmentalize this shame, and any jealousy, appears to put this fetish in the hands of intellectuals. More and more smarty-pants are jumping in line to be cuckolded by a rock hard, virile bull – and they love it. This fetish has even begun to bleed over to the LGBT community and is being embraced by gay men. Perhaps the Trump Boosters' use of the word cuck is a mere sign of how pervasive cuckolding really is. Perhaps we're living in a cucked up world.

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