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Manic Love Co. is the adult superstore that Canada needs. This company is nestled in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada; supplying the public with all of their sexual accessory needs. Manic Love Co. sells what you need; we sell toys for couples, woman toys, anal toys, lubricants, any toy that you can think of! Please enter our humble site and allow Manic Love Co. to meet your needs.

The Healing Force of Love

Manic Love Co. Free Blog

 Manic Love Co. was created for the purpose of spreading love across the world. At Manic Love Co. we firmly believe orgasms are essential to happiness and love. Therefore, in order to spread a blindingly pure form of love across the globe we want to increase the number of orgasms taking place. When we increase the number of people having orgasms, the frequency of orgasmsand the intensity of orgasms then the levels of happiness and love will rise. People will be happier and more loving making the world a better place. All the updates will be posted on this free blog page. Feel free to check back often for any news or company updates; enjoy your visit.

The Healing Force of Love

Josh Killoran

Love is an essential part of the human experience. It nourishes your soul, maintains your body and calms your mind. When people deny themselves love they inevitably fall into madness and sickness. Love is a healing force present in every life, it runs through every person on this planet and mends any wounds that we may acquire.

Once you have truly experienced love you will understand that it is a feeling of true acceptance and belonging(2). Love is a constant drive for people, this is due to its amazing effects on your entire being. There are four psychological needs that everyone has: security, self esteem, autonomy, and connection(1). Love is able to meet three of those needs.

When you let love into your heart you will feel more secure. Love is an impenetrable armor to guard you against hate and suffering. With love in your heart you will know that you are always supported; that you have partners in life. Once you have worked your way towards the enlightenment that is love-mania you will feel security on a much greater level. You will enter into an immense group of spiritual lovers. The love of everyone in love-mania will reach out to you , just as your love will reach out to them, to lift you up and protect you. With the warmth of love protecting you your self-love will grow.

The love that you feel will lift up your self esteem by nurturing your self-love. The more you love others, and others love you, the more you will love yourself. As the love within your heart ebbs out to your lovers, their love will flow back to you. This will remind you that you are more precious than any gem stone and deserve every grace that love brings into your life. As this truth dawns on you your self-love will grow even stronger. This strengthened sense of self-love will quell any threat to your self esteem. As your self-love was nurtured by love's security, your flourishing self-love will feed your desire for connection.

Once love has flooded your heart you will be connected to the people that you love. This connection is undeniable, unbreakable, and invisible. The connections that you forge through love will not be broken by any amount of isolation or depression. Once you become enlightened to the state of love-mania you will never be left wanting for connection. For you will know that you are connected to every other person in love-mania. You will never feel isolated, regardless how removed you are from civilization. This feeling of connection will fight all the sadness that you might feel as well as stave off any feelings of hatred. Your invisible connections, contained in love-mania, will raise you above hatred.

By being constantly connected to others who are feeling an absolute love, in conjunction with you, it will be nigh impossible for hatred to invade your heart, mind or soul. When you become free of hatred, thanks to entering love-mania, you will gain a resistance to negative emotions. The only purpose of those negative emotions will be to strengthen your love. Even before you have attained love-mania, love will begin to heal any mental scars that you have acquired. In order to see the ways that love will balance your body we must examine the physical manifestation of love: the orgasm.

It is so rare that a powerful emotion can be given physical form within our bodies. Not only does love comfort and heal our minds, but it also maintains balance within our bodies. All we have to do is look at the blessings that we tap into by having orgasms. When you make love, whether by yourself or with a partner, the chemistry of your brain changes. Oxytocin and dopamine are released, consider this wave of chemicals to be a gift of love. Due to the dopamine and oxytocin you will feel an elevation of your mood, a decrease in your stress, less sexual tension, and a greater sense of well-being(3). Once you have moved into this shift of brain chemistry you will notice a decrease in any symptoms of depression you may have had(4). You will cease to ruminate on the negative aspects of your life. In a way, having an orgasm will shake you awake and force you into the now. Another depressive symptom that oxytocin and dopamine will soothe is emotional eating. An orgasm will keep you from filling the void in your soul with food(5). Love heals all, it is not just relegated to the brain.

Your manifestation of love not only heals your brain, it will repair the rest of your body as well. Much like a massage, an orgasm will ripple through your body and soothe your muscles. Any tension that has built up inside you will melt away as you make love(3). Orgasms will also put you into a state, similar to exercise, that will improve your cardiovascular health. When people say that love is good for your heart it is not just a metaphor. Of course, orgasms will vastly benefit the organs involved in creating them. By cultivating this manifestation of your love on a regular basis you will improve cervical health, sperm motility, as well as the state of the prostate. Orgasms will aid the body in combating premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and the symptoms of menopause. Frequent orgasms are also helpful for preventing infections in your urinary tract(4). As love spreads throughout your body you will be healed from the trauma of modern life.

Modernity has a way of battering us around and without enough love in your life you will suffer. A sure way to invite more of this cosmic force into your life is by having many orgasms. By letting orgasms heal you mind, body and soul your life will begin to be purified. When you give love physical form the disruptions in your sleep pattern will be plucked away. Inviting frequent orgasms into your life will also soothe the doubts you have about body image and raise your confidence to new heights(4), thus improving your self esteem. By combining these factors with all of the healing work that love does in your life, you will notice that by embracing love your life will become easier and more fulfilling. Not only will love fulfill you it will heal your body, calm your mind and nourish your soul.

Love is a integral part of the human experience. Love will flow into you and soothe all of your pain. Whether that pain is physical, psychological, or spiritual. Love is a key part of any healing process, a part that modern medicine often refuses to acknowledge. You just have to make the conscious choice to embrace love and your wounds will begin to heal. When you wade out into the cosmic pool of love any psychological scars that you bear will begin to mend themselves. When you pursue the physical manifestation of love, the body's weariness will start to be cleansed from you. Throughout the process of accepting love you will notice that you are finding more fulfillment in life and your spiritual worries will be purified. Love is truly a miraculous force. It is just waiting for all of us to reach out and invite it into our lives.

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