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How To Get A Healthier Heart Via Orgasms

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How To Get A Healthier Heart Via Orgasms

Josh Killoran

There are two organs within your body that are essential for you to live: the brain and the heart. Both of these organs need to be taken care of and there are entire medical disciplines to make sure that happens. When it comes to the heart, an essential tool in making sure that you have a healthy one is aerobic exercise. A very important form of aerobic exercise is, of course, the all mighty orgasm. By achieving orgasms, on a regular basis, you will be well on your way to dodging heart disease. Achieving orgasms, as a form of aerobic exercise, strengthens your heart on multiple levels. When you combine all of these factors you receive a healthier heart via cumming.

There are a few different ways that having an orgasm will boost your heart health. It has been shown that those who have sex twice a week are 45% less likely to suffer a heart attack. Let us take a more in depth look as to why this might be. The effort it takes to cum amounts to aerobic exercise, therefore the heart gets quite the work out when you rub one out. In addition, if you are having sex (rather than just masturbation) on a regular basis then you are most likely in a committed relationship. Simply by being in a stable relationship the levels of your stress will drop causing the health of your heart to improve(1). There is so much evidence that frequent orgasms are good for your heart, however that evidence has not prevented misconceptions from popping up. Plenty of people think that busting nuts can lead to a heart attack.

Unfortunately, there are many people that think that having an orgasm will deliver you into the grip of a heart attack. They are denying themselves one of life's great pleasures because of a misconception. This misconception has been largely fueled by television shows. Older characters will have sex and then wind up in the hospital for a heart attack. This is an interesting technique for story telling, although not representative of reality. The risk for a gentleman, at the ripe old age of fifty, to keel over due to a heart attack is one in a million per hour. After sex this number is tripled, however it is still only three in a million per hour. Sex falls into the classification of mild to moderate aerobic exercise, the same classification as walking on flat ground. Shoveling snow is three times as hard of work and is more likely to give you a heart attack than enjoying an orgasm is. Interestingly enough, researchers have found that when people engage in regular mild to moderate exercise – a la sex or masturbation – they are five times less likely to have a heart attack while doing it(2). In fact, the American Heart Association put out a statement in 2012 alerting the public to the fact that less than 1% of acute heart attacks are related to sexual activity(3). An orgasm is no more likely to give you a heart attack than regular exercise is. After all, that is what sex and masturbation are.

In the world of physical health and fitness there are many groups of exercise, both broad and specific. Working yourself up to climax falls into the group of aerobic exercise, as previously stated. Aerobic exercise is when you move your large muscle groups in a continuous rhythm in order to get your heart pumping. This form of exercise both reduces your blood pressure and reduces the effects of stress hormones. When your body is flooded with stress hormones your blood vessels get constricted and your heart beat speeds up. Engaging in aerobic exercise – such as cumming – calms these effects(3). This type of exercise will also just make your heart generally stronger. As your heart becomes increasingly strong it will take less beating to get the same amount of blood throughout your body. Therefore improving your body's overall circulation. The levels of cholesterol in your body will also be impacted. After you begin doing aerobic exercise, eventually, the amount of good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) will increase and the amount of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) will decrease. Once you've achieved this balance you will have less plaque build up in your arteries(4). All of these reasons are why cumming on a regular basis gives you a healthy ticker. But these aren't the only ways that your heart health will improve.

Over the years doctors have discovered that inflammation in your heart is a precursor to heart disease. In 2007 there was a study done at the Columbia University Medical Center by Richard P. Sloan, Ph. D. This study observed 46 adults, between the ages of twenty and forty-five, over the course of twelve weeks. Blood samples were taken from all of these participants and stimulated with lipopolysaccharide, an infectious agent. After the blood samples were stimulated they were tested for tumor necrosis factor, which precedes inflammation. Much lower amounts of tumor necrosis factor were found in the groups that had just completed aerobic exercise; both moderate and high intensity exercise groups. This study gives us the insight that moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise is able to cut off heart disease at the pass. Bringing yourself to climax, strenuously enough of course, will calm the inflammation of your heart(5). Apparently, both metaphorically and literally.

Scientific evidence has made it apparent that a healthy heart requires exercise, aerobic exercise seems to be particularly good for that. Enough aerobic exercise will grace you with a stronger heart, improved circulation, and a decrease in inflammation of your heart. Thereby making the chances of heart disease/heart attacks far less likely. Luckily for us sex and masturbation fall into the category of aerobic exercise. Despite the misconception that flinging out jizz increases the likelihood of a heart attack – that chance is statistically minuscule. By increasing the awareness that cumming is good for your heart the world will become a much healthier place. Go forth my fellow spunk monks and spread the word that your heart needs to cum.

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