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How To Use Orgasms As Sleep Aids

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How To Use Orgasms As Sleep Aids

Josh Killoran

Sleep is an integral part of your body's maintenance. If you don't get enough of it you aren't going to function as well throughout the day. Sleep is also intimately connected to sex, one always effects the other. Having a healthy sex life will help you sleep more and sleeping more will give your sex drive a boost. Much of this is related to the chemicals that are released during sex. As well as the way that sleep rejuvenates the body. Also, the ways that both sex and sleep impact stress show how both activities benefit each other. Regardless of the reason that you zero in on, having an orgasm will send you off to meet the Sandman in Dreamland.

Relationship of Sleep & Sex

Sleep is a massive contributor to the strength of your sex drive. Without enough sleep your sex drive will nosedive. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep is burdening too many people in our busy world. Due to the fact that our world is so busy, stress is a common cause for lack of sleep. Luckily, there is a rather easy, and fun way, to reduce that stress. Having an orgasm. Whether through sex or masturbation an orgasm will lead a full frontal assault on the bundle of stress attacking your sanity. Orgasms are a very effective way of reducing stress and therefore a very effective way of getting some shut-eye. Some of the stress reduction is done by the chemicals released in your brain during an orgasm, but there are other factors involved. If you are in a relationship, and the orgasm is because of sex with your significant other, the strengthened sense of intimacy can reduce stress. The act of sex will lead to a stronger feeling of intimacy with your partner which leads to you being happier with the relationship. This then leads to a decrease in stress because of the increase in happiness(1). However, this is only one factor in the stress release caused by an orgasm. There is also the surge of brain chemistry to contend with.

Brain Chemistry of Sex

When you have an orgasm, regardless of whether it's through sex or masturbation, you will ride a wave of chemicals released into your brain. These chemicals are the ones responsible for the feeling of relaxation and ecstasy. The same chemicals can also lull you into a deep slumber. Two of those chemicals are the endorphins and vasporessin, both of which aid in sleep. Endorphins act like natural pain killers. They give you a very pleasant feeling while mildly sedating you. That mild sedation will help you pass through the gates of Dreamland much faster than usual. Vasporessin will also help you in your journey into the land of dreams. Vasporessin directly counteracts cortisol, the stress hormone. This counteraction leads to a drop in stress. Combine that drop in stress with the relaxation brought about by the endorphins and you will feel a lower heart rate. This lowering of your heart rate will bring about sleep(2). The ways that cumming will aid your sleep doesn't stop here. Your body chemistry is altered just enough during an orgasm to give you a good night's sleep.

Women v. Men

Plenty of hormones are released into your body during an orgasm. These chemicals relax your body thereby assisting you into a deep state of slumber. Of course these chemicals are slightly different for men and women, none the less both sexes receive the same result. Women receive a significant spike in estrogen during an orgasm. This surge in estrogen enhances their REM cycle while asleep, making for a deeper sleep. Men experience a boost of prolactin when they have an orgasm. Prolactin leads them to feel fatigued. In addition to these chemical reactions, both sexes experience the physical exertion it takes to reach an orgasm. This only leads to better sleeping experience. If that orgasm is reached during sex the participants will also have their glycogen depleted. Glycogen produces energy for the body to use, that being the case when it is depleted you will feel a sudden drop in energy(3). Combine all of these factors together and you will have a recipe for night after night of deep sleep.


The change in brain chemistry, the slight psychological shift, and physical exertion due to an orgasm all compound into deep sleep. It's because of all these factors that rubbing one out will send you drifting into the arms of the Sandman. By arming yourself with this knowledge you will be able to waltz into a healthier, happier, and more relaxed life. In order to guarantee that you will get these results quickly and easily you can employ the use of sex toys. Use a vibrator or masturbation sleeve to get a quick orgasm, without foreplay, and leap through the gates of Dreamland. A butt plug will become your key to the deepest of sleep, you will be able to sink down into a refreshing dreamscape. Arm yourself with this orgasmic knowledge and storm the walls of slumber.

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