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Learn All About The Lactation Fetish

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Learn All About The Lactation Fetish

Josh Killoran

Human sexuality is an incredibly wide spectrum and it seems like we keep adding to. If you can imagine a subject then there's probably a fetish related for it. Sexuality fascinates me to no end. The more I entertain this fascination the more I discover, which keeps fueling the fascination. It's a never ending loop of information. I recently went on another foray into this loop while reading up on the lactation fetish. I had never realized that there were so many dedicated Lactophiles in the world. Until I started learning about this fetish I hadn't realized that the sight of milk dripping from a full breast into the mouth of a lucky man could drive people wild. My eyes have been opened to a brave new world.


There are people, across the globe (mostly on the internet), hypnotized by the sight of lactating breasts. These people are known as Lactophiles and they have a lactation fetish. Just as human sexuality is a wide spectrum, each fetish has a kind of spectrum. Lactophilia can involve many activities revolving around lactating women. Lactophiles will get sexual pleasure by watching women lactate, suckling milk from a lactating woman, or having sex with a lactating woman. The lady's lactation can be enhanced, though not always, by pregnancy. While Lactophilia is often a stand alone fetish, it can be an extension of other fetishes. It might branch off from something like infantilism(1). When this fetish is solitary within the fetishist it is rather common for them to form relationships that include breastfeeding.

Adult Nursing Relationship

Like every other fetishist, a Lactophile will often build a relationship that includes their sexual interest. The more hardcore of the lactation fetishists will enter into a Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR). This is a relationship where the man will routinely breastfeed from the lactating lady. In order for the relationship to be considered an ANR, the breastfeeding has to be a regular occurrence. If it isn't then the woman will stop lactating. Sometimes the breastfeeding will even get to the point of replacing ordinary sex. Suckling milk from your loved one's breast is an unexpectedly intimate act. By satisfying the sexual desires, with an act that is usually dedicated to the nourishment of a life, a stabilizing effect is provided to the relationship. A similar effect is given through traditional sex with non-fetishists. In certain cases the lactating woman will get sexual pleasure from the nipple stimulation, she might even be able to reach orgasm from it. Thereby giving sexual satisfaction to both parties in an ANR. It has even been reported that some women feel more feminine while they're breast feeding. It's because of that feeling that some women would find the idea of an ANR appealing(1). While many Lactophiles would find the idea of an ANR intriguing, they first need a sexual partner that is lactating.


Lactation is the process by which women produce milk from their breasts. This process typically occurs in order to feed an infant. However, it can be used to satiate the sexual cravings of adults as well. Lactation will occur during the fourth month of pregnancy. This process of milk production can be extended beyond pregnancy simply by suckling the milk out. Hence, how so many women found work as wet nurses in years gone by. While pregnancy will kick start lactation, it isn't the only method. It's possible for a woman to induce lactation herself. What actually causes a woman to enter into the cycle of milk production is a build up of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin is the actual trigger for lactation, it just so happens to get produced during pregnancy (for obvious reasons). Once prolactin begins production regular suckling will maintain that production, this suckling can be done by a sexual partner. If breastfeeding is brought into a sexual context it becomes incredibly intimate. This intimacy is due to how vulnerable the woman is while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding a sex partner requires a deep bond of trust and affection. Most people will become uncomfortable while undergoing this act either because of the incredible intimacy or the connection breastfeeding has to nursing babies(2). However, if you want to take part in sexual breastfeeding it can be done without pregnancy.

Starting Lactation

In the context of a lactation fetish, some people have been able to induce lactation. There are several tutorials online that outline how to do this. Theoretically speaking, all a woman would need to do is induce the production of prolactin in her body. According to this process can be forced into being by putting psychological support into place along with a physical breast feeding schedule. When a woman wants to jump-start lactation, without pregnancy, she should imitate the nursing of a baby on a regular basis. She needs to increase the sensitivity of her nipples for the majority of the day, without treading into the land of pain. However, before starting the physical process the woman seeking lactation needs to set up the right frame of mind. The main part of that frame of mind is that she needs to want to be lactating. Another part of setting up the right head space is for her to wear a breast feeding bra; this bra leaves the nipple exposed for easy access. This woman, who's chasing lactation, also needs to pay extra attention to her nipples. Such as washing her nipples on a regular basis(3). Once the right state of mind has been setup you begin performing the physical regiment.

Once a woman, who wants to lactate, has set up the right frame of mind her sexual partner has a part to play. This woman's nipples need to be stimulated in the same way that they would be during breastfeeding. Her nipples need to be suckled and pulled on a regular schedule. The most efficient way might be to use a breast pump as well as the sex partners mouth. The tutorial on suggests that the couple desiring lactation should setup a routine in which the woman's nipples are attached to the pump for five-ten minutes a day. Followed by five-ten minutes of suckling on that breast. Eventually, perhaps weeks or months of this schedule, the nipple will produce milk(3). Thereby satisfying the Lactation fetish that the couple shares. This couple will also be entering into the incredibly intimate ANR without any pregnancy.

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