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How Conor McGregor Inspired Me

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How Conor McGregor Inspired Me

Josh Killoran

Last weekend, on August 26th, history was made. The most famous MMA fighter stepped into the ring with arguably the best boxer ever... and it was competitive. Conor McGregor strutted into the history books in many ways. He became the highest paid MMA fighter, he fought Floyd Mayweather in the bout that broke Rocky Marciano's record, and he only increased his profile to become the most famous man in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. The boxing community was trying to discredit this fight before it even began. They said McGregor wouldn't land one punch. They called this fight a farce. They said McGregor would be knocked out in the first round. Conor McGregor turned around and spit in the face of all his naysayers with his performance. That man's self belief, courage, determination, and hard work have inspired me to no end.

Let's look at the most obvious source of this inspiration, the fight itself. Conor McGregor stepped into the boxing ring for his first professional boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, the best boxer in the world, and he genuinely seemed to believe that he could win. Once the fight started McGregor used the style of fighting that he developed for MMA to box and took Mayweather off guard. McGregor won the early rounds and the official score keepers scorecard had him winning the eighth round as well. After the fight it came out that McGregor landed more significant shots than Manny Pacquiao did. Lets go over the characteristics that this took; courage, radical self belief, and determination. These are the characteristics that we attribute to our mythological heroes – Conor McGregor has taken his fans along with him on a hero's journey. McGregor had the courage to step into a different sport than what he is trained in and challenge the most skilled athlete in that sport. All the while wholeheartedly believing that he was capable of doing just that. This was the boxing equivalent of a knight stepping into a cave in order to slay a dragon. This wasn't just a display of athletics. McGregor displayed a method that others can use to achieve their goals and even go beyond those goals.

Conor McGregor inspired me with his fight. He showed that to attain unbelievable feats in life you need to display courage, you have to believe in yourself, and you need to be doggedly determined. Once you master those qualities you will be on your way to greatness. I believe that on August 26 the world watched two athletes display greatness, which is inspiring as fuck. In particular McGregor's path to the Mayweather fight was incredible. He went in a direction nobody expected of him when he made his debut in the UFC. He rose to the top of the heap within the UFC in just four years. He made history by claiming two belts at the same time. Then McGregor jumped to an adjacent sport to do battle with the the best athlete in said sport. All of that led to him becoming the most famous man in the UFC and earning a nine figure payday. Not to mention that four years ago he was on welfare. When looking over that story you can't help but think that people with the right mindset can accomplish anything. This event and McGregor's story has certainly led me to strive for the qualities I have seen him display. This is evidence that the worst times can turn around in a radical way. It's evidence that insane self belief can propel you through life's challenges. It is also evidence that being a determined son of a bitch will close the distance between you and your goals. All you have to add is a lot of hard work. Conor McGregor's story is pushing me to chase down my goals and sharpen the swords that are my self belief, courage, and determination. This is the kind of story that forces everyone to work harder and manifest their goals.