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Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 2V5

(250) 253-4304

Manic Love Co. is the adult superstore that Canada needs. This company is nestled in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada; supplying the public with all of their sexual accessory needs. Manic Love Co. sells what you need; we sell toys for couples, woman toys, anal toys, lubricants, any toy that you can think of! Please enter our humble site and allow Manic Love Co. to meet your needs.

NoFap Update: Objectification with Full Balls

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 Manic Love Co. was created for the purpose of spreading love across the world. At Manic Love Co. we firmly believe orgasms are essential to happiness and love. Therefore, in order to spread a blindingly pure form of love across the globe we want to increase the number of orgasms taking place. When we increase the number of people having orgasms, the frequency of orgasmsand the intensity of orgasms then the levels of happiness and love will rise. People will be happier and more loving making the world a better place. All the updates will be posted on this free blog page. Feel free to check back often for any news or company updates; enjoy your visit.

NoFap Update: Objectification with Full Balls

Josh Killoran

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have made it to the second week of my NoFap Style Challenge. As was the case last week, I only masturbated once this week. Once again it was to exorcise the pain from my balls. This time I used a toy (UR3 Palm Pal) because I wanted to reach cum more quickly than on my last endeavor. Not surprisingly this did work; I came faster than rubbing dry skin against dry skin (go figure). This week I noticed another development in my sexual psychology.

I have noticed that since giving up pornography and cumming on a less frequent basis my sex drive has increased. I have also noticed that I am attracted to a broader range of of women. This build up of sexual desire is causing me to desire more women and different kinds of women. It truly does take me back to my high school years; I am getting erections just by looking at a pretty woman's face. I do not want to romanticize this challenge for all the readers out there though. I am not just getting turned on more; I am objectifying women more often.

Now, I should be as clear as possible. I am not treating woman any differently than before and I still think of every woman as my equal. However, I want to fuck more than ever before. So, when my cock gets hard because I see a pretty lady at Starbucks I also fantasize about fucking her at the counter. I want to bend this woman over in full view of everyone and and tear her panties off. I want to plunge my hard cock into her wet pussy until we are both moaning and slobbering like pigs in the rut. In this fantasy the lady that I see becomes a vehicle for my desire; a sexual object if you will.

This raises a question in my mind. Is this increase in objectification due to a decrease of porn watched? Or a decrease in frequency of cumming? For the third week of the NoFap Style Challenge I have devised an experiment that I will undertake. I will crank this cock of mine at least three times in the next week and see if the objectification decreases. My hypothesis is that the frequency of objectification will decrease with an increase in the frequency of cumming. Wish me luck.