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Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 2V5

(250) 253-4304

Manic Love Co. is the adult superstore that Canada needs. This company is nestled in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada; supplying the public with all of their sexual accessory needs. Manic Love Co. sells what you need; we sell toys for couples, woman toys, anal toys, lubricants, any toy that you can think of! Please enter our humble site and allow Manic Love Co. to meet your needs.

NoFap Update

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 Manic Love Co. was created for the purpose of spreading love across the world. At Manic Love Co. we firmly believe orgasms are essential to happiness and love. Therefore, in order to spread a blindingly pure form of love across the globe we want to increase the number of orgasms taking place. When we increase the number of people having orgasms, the frequency of orgasmsand the intensity of orgasms then the levels of happiness and love will rise. People will be happier and more loving making the world a better place. All the updates will be posted on this free blog page. Feel free to check back often for any news or company updates; enjoy your visit.

NoFap Update

Josh Killoran

Well ladies and gentlemen, it has been 7 days since I started my NoFap Style Challenge. I am challenging myself to go 90 days without the use of pornography. I have noticed some major differences in my masturbation habits; even though it has been a short amount of time.

I do think that I should point something out. I started masturbating at the tender age of 13. I learned how to masturbate by watching a woman jerk a cock during a cum-shot. Since the beginning of my masturbation career I have used porn to get turned on. Since starting my NoFap Style Challenge I have masturbated once. In the past I cranked out loads at least 3 times a week, if not daily (all with the use of porn). The reason that I jerked off during the last week was to stop a pain in my balls similar to blue balls. This decrease in desire to cum has forced me to meditate on my porn use.

I have come to a realization in the past week. In the last 13 years porn has become an On/Off switch for my cock. I don't know when but somewhere along the way porn stopped being erotic and became functional for me; a mere tool of masturbation. The actual act of jerking off without porn was more difficult than I thought it would be. It took me a couple minutes of fondling my cock to get hard and I was hyper aware of everything going on around me. I was getting distracted by the sound of traffic outside, a mosquito in my room, etc. When I watch porn I become engrossed by the actors' performance. The rest of the world ceases to matter until I cum. That part of masturbation, that I had become so accustomed to, was completely missing. It took more concentration than I thought it would to block out the rest of the world until I finished. It never occurred to me how dependent I had become on porn.

Realizing how dependent I had become on porn for cock cranking did worry me. I don't how much porn has bled into the rest of my habits, but I have to assume it has to some extent. I have never had a strong craving for the love of another person. Is that because I always a video of sex to stand in as a substitute? I don't know just yet. I'm interested to see what the following weeks will bring in this challenge. Wish me luck!