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Learn About Sex In Old Age

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Learn About Sex In Old Age

Josh Killoran

Whether it's from old jokes, or stereotypes, many people think that their sex life will go down the drain as they grow old. However, due to recent reports it's becoming apparent that that's not the case. More and more senior citizens are having fulfilling sex. This could be because of people's desires changing as they age or modern medicine maintaining their virility. Generally healthier living also plays a huge role in extending your sex life. More and more senior citizens are living in a way that not only extends their life, but their sex life as well. These things will affect men and women differently, but the results are the same. Sex lives are getting extended well into old age.

Once upon a time, it was true that your sex drive would fizzle as your hair grew white. That has been getting reversed since the 1970s, the number of sexually satisfied senior citizens has been growing since that era. It may be true that the sexual frequency of older folks might slow down but that doesn't necessarily have an impact on their satisfaction. There was a survey conducted in 2012 where half of women interviewed, over eighty years old, were cumming at similar rates of younger women. This could be due to a few factors. For one, older people have more time and privacy as they move into retirement. There are also more elderly people that have grown up in an age where sex is less taboo. This leads to those elderly folk being more sexually confident. It is also the case that as the world has moved into the modern era treatments have developed for conditions that would otherwise kill sex lives. Conditions such as erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness(1). The physical aging process might change sex, but it will not kill it.

The process of aging knocks everyone for a loop, the body drastically changes. As men grow old there are plenty of factors that change which can effect how they have sex. Including a drop in testosterone and a loss of muscle tension. Once men reach adulthood their bodies start to produce less testosterone. However, when men are closer to death there is a significant drop in testosterone. This dip in testosterone is one of the factors that made it harder to get, and keep, erections. Even when older men are able to keep their hard dick it will be softer, that's because of a general loss in muscle tension. These are not the only changes that men will face in old age. It's going to take longer to reach orgasm and those orgasms will not be intense, but they will still be glorious. There's also going to be a decline in the volume and pressure of the cum that gets shot across the bed sheets. Older gentlemen will also take longer to recover from their orgasms(2). This all leads to a less frequent, but very satisfying, aged sex life. Changes like these also occur in women.

Many of the ways that aging changes men are similar for women. When women move towards being an older lady their genitals change, kind of like men's do. Older women have less swelling, because of arousal, in their vagina. This is due to less blood flowing into their vaginas. Women also lose the natural lubrication that they had as a young lady. This often means that women of a certain age will need more stimulation (ie. longer foreplay) accompanied by lube. Unfortunately, in their old age women also have weaker muscle contractions, this leads to less intense orgasms. However, the muscle contractions can be strengthened with kegel exercises. All of these factors generally add up to less frequent orgasms. While there are ways, such as the kegel exercises and lubricants, to combat the effects of aging on sex. An essential way is to live a generally healthy lifestyle. This benefits both genders. By eating a healthy diet and regularly exercising men and women will be able to stave off the perils of aging(2). There is evidence that a women's sexual desires also change as they age, along with their bodies.

There is research that suggests that women's sexual desires change more than men's do. The research states that older women derive more satisfaction from the physical and emotional closeness they have with their sex partner. A study published in The American Journal of Medicine showed evidence that women of an advanced age could actually get sexual satisfaction from simply caressing a long term partner. Also, research conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Barrett-Connor suggests that half of the women over eighty years old still report orgasms and arousal most of the times that they have sex. However, these women don't report desiring sex nearly as often as younger women do. These findings suggest that, for eighty year old women, sex becomes a kind of maintenance for their relationship. They get their emotional needs met by having sex, more so than their physical needs. It would seem that strengthening an emotional bond is more important than an orgasm beyond the age of eighty(3). The general consensus is that men care more about sex than women. This extends into old age. Your grandpa has a higher sexual desire than your grandma; they both cum but grandpa wants it more. There's something called the Sexually Active Life Expectancy (SALE), this predicts when an individual will lose their sexual desire. Men's SALE ends ten years before their life expectancy. Women's SALE ends twenty years before their life expectancy(4).

Judging by all of this evidence, the human sex life is much longer than it used to be. Thanks to modern medicine and healthy living men and women are having sex into their eighties. Health conditions aren't as limiting against sex. You have the ability to adapt to the human aging process and keep humping. It will be less intense, but just as rewarding. While the reasons for sex might change, depending on your gender, you don't stop having orgasms until your at the brink of death. Your sex life will not die, it'll just change.

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