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How Orgasms Prevent Pain

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How Orgasms Prevent Pain

Josh Killoran

People have always known that sex is a tremendous source of pleasure. We all use sex as a way to emotionally bond with partners, to entertain ourselves, to kill time, allay sadness, and to feel ecstatic. However, an orgasm has another benefit – it will alleviate pain. By having an orgasm you will feel less physical pain. The more intense the orgasm the greater relief that you will get. This pain relief could happen due to a few reasons such as the hormones released during sex and the regions of the brain that are activated. A simple orgasm is a potent, easy, and free therapeutic tool that everyone on the planet has access to. Relief is in the palm of your hand.

Over the generations sitcoms have popularized having a headache as a way to get out of sex. However, there's a lot of evidence suggesting that an orgasm would relieve the pain of a headache. A study was published in Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache that investigated how effective orgasms were at alleviating this pain. This study was done with anonymous questionnaires in 2013. The subjects were from two groups, migraines and cluster headaches. There were 306 people in the migraine group and 96 people in the cluster headache group, 402 in total. The sex ratio in the two groups was inverted, but other than that there were no significant differences. These two groups of patients tend to behave differently, migraine patients retreat for rest and cluster headache patients get restless. However, orgasms seem to treat both maladies(1).

For those suffering from cluster headaches or migraines an orgasm will most likely give you some relief. According to this study, published in Cephalalgia, the orgasm is the important part of the equation. The type of intercourse which produces the orgasm is completely irrelevant. It could be any sexual position or masturbation. You will still get the pain relief, this relief isn't uniform though. Of the subjects in this study the majority of them reported getting pain relief from cumming. Out of those that reported relief 43% reported feeling relief shortly after climax. 17.7% of those subjects reported feeling relief at the precise moment of orgasm. 20.3% felt relief at the beginning of their sexual experience. While another 20.3% got the relief 30 minutes after their orgasms; the cluster headache group had similar results. Cumming is an effective enough method of pain relief that 36.4% of the men in the migraine group regularly use it therapeutically, while 13.7% of the women did the same thing. In the cluster headache group 30% of the men orgasm for relief, but none of the women in that group did(1). The potency of orgasmic-pain-relief is not relegated to just headaches, but all pain.

Thanks to cheesy sitcoms, headaches and sex have been permanently linked. Even though an orgasm will soothe a cornucopia of maladies. Such as muscle cramps, including PMS cramps. For many years it has been known that frequent orgasms will soothe your cramps during menstruation. This is most likely due to the hormones that are released during your orgasm. Combined with an increase in blood flow and the muscle contractions that take place during your orgasm. It's also important to note that the more intense your orgasm is the more pain relief you will feel(2). This amazing medicine, created within your body, is the result of many factors. These factors include brain activity and hormones.

Plenty of the hormones that are released during an orgasm benefit us. Whether it's seratonin, dopamine, or oxytocin. We benefit from all of these hormones in one way or another. Oxytocin, in particular, has an incredible analgesic effect. Oxytocin has been used as a salve for chronic pain among patients suffering from fibromyalgia, PTSD, and even something as banal as a headache. It is thought that oxytocin relieves pain because it fits into the same brain receptors that are active during pain. Oxytocin also plugs into opiate receptors in your brain, which may play a part in this pain relief. One of the more renowned researchers that have looked into this is Beverly Whipple, a professor at Rutgers University. Professor Whipple has found that during masturbation women's pain threshold increases by 74.6% and their pain tolerance increases by 106.7%(3). By combining these findings with the way your brain is engaged during an orgasm it becomes clear how an orgasm dampens pain.

Brain activity combines with the hormone activity of an orgasm to provide you with a very pleasant feeling of pain relief. An experiment was conducted at Rutgers University by Barry Komisaruk to discover more about this brain activity. Barry Komisaruk found nine women that wanted to get connected to an fMRI while masturbating. He found that during the female orgasm 30 areas of the brain get activated, including regions that activate during pain. Komisaruk found that two of the areas that activate are the cingulate cortex and the insula. Both of these areas activate during pain and intense pleasure, this most likely has something to do with the pain relief of orgasms(4). This knowledge will allow you to make your life more comfortable and less painful, you'll also have so much fun doing it.

The knowledge that orgasms can alleviate your pain is incredibly valuable to anyone and everyone. When you begin to implement this nugget of wisdom in your life you will become more comfortable, feel more pleasant and life will be easier. Also, you will have a lot of fun putting this factoid into practice. Who doesn't love to cum? It also pays to keep in mind that the more intense the orgasm you have the more pain relief you will feel(2). This is where we can begin to view sex toys as therapeutic devices. The entire purpose of sex toys is to bring you to orgasm faster, with more ease, and to intensify that orgasm. When you combine that fact with the fact that orgasms provide relief from pain you will come to one crucial conclusion. Sex toys will provide you with pain relief faster, with more ease, and intensify that pain relief. The choice of which toy to use will entirely depend on what works for your body. If you get better orgasms from vaginal stimulation then perhaps the Ripple Rabbit or the Sultry would soothe your wounds better. If you prefer clitoral stimulation then you should look at trying the Sweetie Rabbit or the Wanachi Mini-Multi to ease your aches. If you're a man then the Vivid Pussy Fuck or the Palm Pal: Ass should be just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps anal stimulation gives you a better orgasm. If you are in pain an orgasm a day would, very likely, make life easier and more pleasant. Why not give it a try?

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