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Learn All About the Pregnancy Fetish

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Learn All About the Pregnancy Fetish

Josh Killoran

Pregnancy has been considered many things throughout human history. Some people consider it majestic, beautiful, or powerful. However, there is another group that finds it erotic. This group is made up of fetishists that worship at the altar of maieusiophilia, also known as the pregnancy fetish. This group has been steadily growing in recent years, they are making themselves known throughout the internet. Maieusiophilia is not a uniform fetish, different people find it enticing for different reasons. Swedish researchers theorize that this fetish has quite a bit to do with sexual imprinting at a young age. Whatever the cause, maieusiophilia is an ever growing group of fetishists with a strong internet presence.

Maieusiophilia, the pregnancy fetish, is a sexual attraction to women who are or appear to be pregnant. This fetish has gained prominence in recent years, the expansion seems to be linked to the growth of the internet. It is unclear what came first in this scenario; the fetish or the web. We can't be sure if the internet has helped spread maieusiophilia or if the fetishists were just closeted until they found online communities in which to express their desires. It is also possible that there is a combination of the two. A major growth point for this fetish in western culture appears to be when Demi Moore posed naked while pregnant in a 1991 issue of Vanity Fair. Since then there have been several celebrities posing naked during their pregnancy. These types of photo shoots not only normalize pregnancy in mainstream culture, but it also gives ignition to any dormant pregnancy fetish that might be lingering in the readers(1). Events such as these combined with access to free pregnant porn on tube sites are most likely connected to the growth of maieusiophilia in the internet era. It should also be mentioned that the people in this fetish group often find different points of pregnancy hot. There isn't necessarily consensus in this group.

Quite often different pregnancy fetishists will see different aspects of pregnancy as erotic. This attraction will usually start in the teenage years before the fetishist has a chance to realize that what they find attractive strays away from normal. Over time this attraction will become more involved and detailed. Plenty of pregnancy fetishists are merely attracted to the shape of a pregnant woman. Others will credit their attraction to things like the pregnancy being a result of a loving relationship, the biological urge to procreate, an increased libido during pregnancy, or the gradual transformation of the mother's body. Sometimes these fetishist will find more abstract parts of pregnancy the most alluring. They might claim that the reason they love pregnant woman is due to the concept of creating life(1). It does seem that the more individual fetishists that you talk to the more details you will get.

A recent article in Jezebel actually interviewed two of these fetishists in order to find out what they found to be the hottest part of pregnancy. In this article they interviewed a man and a lesbian that were both maieusiophiliacs. While both of the interviewees gave the reasons stated above, they also branched off into the obscure. The male fetishist claimed, quite simply, that he found a pregnant woman being sexual to be dirty and therefore sexy. He also claimed that the mere fact that a woman is pregnant means that other men find her sexy, which further turned him on. The lesbian fetishist got somewhat original in her explanation. Her pregnancy fetish seemed to be intimately tied to her love of women. The lesbian fetishist gave the reasons that being pregnant made women seem powerful and god-like because they were creating life(2). She seemed to be inherently attracted to this power that all women share. Granted that any explanation of a fetish is quite possibly intellectualizing or justifying subconscious mechanisms.

In 2010 a Swedish research team decided that the pregnancy fetish needed to be dug into. This team was led by Emmanuele Jannini and Magnus Enquist. The team conducted a survey among 2,200 men that they found on internet fetish communities. Most of the men that they questioned reported having a pregnancy fetish or a lactation fetish. The sample of participants were given questionnaires to answer and the researchers then analyzed the answers that they received. It was discovered that if the participant was exposed to their pregnant mother, between the tender ages of 1.5 and 5 years old, then they were significantly more likely to wind up with a pregnancy fetish. The key to that would be, you guessed it, a younger sibling. The questionnaires revealed that among the subjects 66% of them had a little brother or sister that fit this age range. This is leads to sexual imprinting. The process of sexual imprinting is when a little kid decides what is normal during a sensitive phase of development. Interestingly enough, it has to be their genetic mother for the sexual imprinting to take place. Stepmothers appear to be unrelated to the subjects future sexual preferences. Once that information is imprinted from the parents the child will seek out mates that fit into their learned framework of normalcy(3). This phenomena exists across the animal kingdom, but it is a rather convincing explanation for the pregnancy fetish in humans.

The world's fetishes are growing daily. One of those fetishes is maieusiophilia, an attraction to pregnant women. This fetish very well could be reduced to how the inner workings of your mind was set up in childhood, but it could also be rephrased in romantic terms. Whether you find the shape of pregnant women alluring or you see them as an avatar of a goddess from on high, the fact remains that you are part of a growing movement. This surging wave of a fetish is influenced by both pop culture and the internet. The youth are being recruited, all be it without design, for this swelling fetish by watching their mother suckle siblings and by stumbling onto tube sites. Once the subconscious framework is built maieusiophilia no doubt gets reinforced by celebrity photo shoots and pregnancy porn. As long as the internet exists maieusiophiliacs will not dwindle in number, they'll only increase given time and reinforcement. They are surrounding you and you will never know until you get pregnant and the fetishists pounce.

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