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Manic Love Co. is the adult superstore that Canada needs. This company is nestled in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada; supplying the public with all of their sexual accessory needs. Manic Love Co. sells what you need; we sell toys for couples, woman toys, anal toys, lubricants, any toy that you can think of! Please enter our humble site and allow Manic Love Co. to meet your needs.

Embarking on the Journey of Prostate Health

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 Manic Love Co. was created for the purpose of spreading love across the world. At Manic Love Co. we firmly believe orgasms are essential to happiness and love. Therefore, in order to spread a blindingly pure form of love across the globe we want to increase the number of orgasms taking place. When we increase the number of people having orgasms, the frequency of orgasmsand the intensity of orgasms then the levels of happiness and love will rise. People will be happier and more loving making the world a better place. All the updates will be posted on this free blog page. Feel free to check back often for any news or company updates; enjoy your visit.

Embarking on the Journey of Prostate Health

Josh Killoran

Love is not only a magnificent healing force, but it is also part of a healthy lifestyle. The benefits that are received by the prostate by expressing love are amazing. However, these benefits remind us that we need to pay attention to our sex organs, before anything is injured or infected. Prostate stimulation is one of life's great pleasures and you will benefit from it, immensely. With that in mind, illness or injury to your prostate or perineum can be devastating. Prostate health is of the utmost importance and the expression of love is part of that health.

The scariest prostate health issue is prostate cancer. When you express your love using sex you are reducing your risk for prostate cancer. This type of cancer is the second most prevalent among men. The amazing news is that you can reduce the lifetime risk of prostate cancer, by one third, simply by diving head first into sex and love(1). Researchers can't quite figure out the reason why frequent orgasms keep prostate cancer at bay. The thinking is that with every orgasm the prostate is emptied. At that point any chemicals that are in the prostate are flushed out. A regular flushing of fluids would also prevent any crystals from forming in the prostate, leading to ill health. Of course, another reason is that having an orgasm is a stress reliever. It has been common knowledge for some time that stress is connected to cancer(1). It makes sense that everyone should do everything in their power to reduce stress. It just so happens that building up and expressing the love that dwells in your heart does that very thing. While cancer is the scariest prostate health concern there are others, such as prostatitis.

There are a few variations among prostatitis. This insidious illness can be acute or chronic and bacterial or non-bacterial(2). However, all of these variations have the same symptoms. When you have contracted prostatitis, of any kind, you will feel a near constant urge to pee but it will be very difficult to do so. Once you have begun the stream of pee you will feel a great deal of pain. This pain will not just be isolated to peeing but also cumming; you very well may find blood in your pee or cum. The worst symptom is sexual dysfunction, prostatitis could prevent you from feeling and spreading your love(3). The differences among this disease's variations is only due to the causes.

Prostatitis does have a few variations, but that is due to the different causes. First of all, the difference between acute and chronic cases of prostatitis is simple. Acute prostatitis is when you have an isolated incident. Chronic prostatitis is recurring incidents of the illness. Bacterial prostatitis is caused by a bacterial infection inside your prostate. Quite often men will get bacterial prostatitis from an STD or a lower urinary tract infection(2). The treatment for the bacterial version of prostatitis is simply antibiotics. Although, it is recommended that you also orgasm at least twice a week while taking those antibiotics - just another example of the healing properties of love. Non-bacterial prostatitis can be caused by an injury to the prostate. That injury leads to inflammation which leads to prostatitis(3). This injury could come about for any number a reasons: savage anal sex, a massive butt plug, overly enthusiastic pegging, etc. Whatever the reason, when men decide on anal play, if it gets too rough, you could end up with prostatitis. The medicine that your doctor will give for non-bacterial prostatitis is alpha-adrenergic blockers which relax the muscles around the prostate. Other than that, the treatments are really just relaxation techniques(3). Combining zen with spreading love will aide in your recovery from prostatitis. Injuries to the prostate are a cause of prostatitis but the perineum is just as important in maintaining sexual health.

When it comes to penile injuries the perineum should be given just as much attention as the prostate. The perineum is the root of your dick, nestled behind the balls. Within that root is a cluster of nerves and blood vessels; known as Alcock's canal. If the blood flow through Alcock's canal were to be interrupted, by an injury, the penis could not become erect(4). Such is the fear of any man who has had a dick injury. The origins of such injuries are no mystery, anyone could guess them. Perineum injuries tend to be a result of bike riding, horseback riding, a kick to the balls, or a sports injury. In most cases these injuries can be remedied. However, because masculinity is so intimately tied to sex, and our penis, when a man loses his ability to express love depression often rears it's ugly head(4). There's always hope that medicine will be able to repair a massacred perineum. Without the ability to have traditional sex a man can still spread love, be intimate, and have sex. It might take a little more effort, but there is no reason to despair. There is always light in the darkness of your mind, besides the majority of the time these injuries can be fixed.

An injury to the perineum certainly has the potential to be utterly devastating. Although, most of the time a doctor will be able to take care of it. In the worst of cases, a mangled perineum will need surgery. Lesser injuries could require stitches, but with simple bruising you'll be getting off with pain medication and, maybe, antibiotics. You'll also be getting a stool softener/laxative to minimize any further pain and pressure(5). It is easier to take a preventative approach to your perineum. If you are regularly putting yourself at risk then you should be wearing some kind of protective padding. If you are a cyclist then find a bike seat that focuses pressure on your buttocks muscles rather than your taint. It is surprising how big a factor your diet can play in protecting your perineum as well. By eating healthy amounts of fiber you will be easing any strain on your perineum/prostate area. Thereby making it generally healthier(5). It's just like your mom always told you, “Eat your vegetables.” Little did she know the benefits that you would get.

When you know some of the benefits that love will bring into your life it isn't surprising that it has a positive effect on the body parts involved in expressing love, like the prostate. Use is an important factor in the health of your entire body. When you withhold love from yourself then your body will suffer ( & However, use isn't the only upkeep to your sexual health that is needed. We also need to guard ourselves from injury and infection. Whether it's prostatitis or STDs, by avoiding unnecessary risks you are showing the value that you place on your body. This knowledge also lets us go into anal play properly informed. We know that frequent ejaculation will guard against prostate cancer and anal play is a great way to stimulate your prostate. However, we also know that we need to avoid injuring our prostate. This fact cautions you against trying the biggest toys first, but instead easing into it with smaller butt plugs, anal wands, and beads. After all, taking care of our bodies is a part of self-love. When we love ourselves we know to treat our bodies with the utmost of care, as you would a lover.

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