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How To Milk the Prostate

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How To Milk the Prostate

Josh Killoran

Thinking that you can not improve upon sex is a common thought process. A tremendous amount of people get caught in this mental trap. However, there are areas of your body that can be involved in sex - or masturbation - that many people neglect. The anus is one of those areas. The anus is particularly neglected among men. Even though men are the ones with a extra gland in their anus that contains a plethora of nerve endings; the prostate. The amount of sheer joy that massaging the prostate will bring a man is nearly unimaginable. Since you are capable of bringing this kind of pleasure into the life of yourself or your lover, shouldn't you at least try? Isn't the extra happiness that this simple massage can bring worth a little extra effort? The actual process of massaging the prostate is surprisingly simple. It might require you to step out of your comfort zone for a minute and do some exploring. However, a nice, gentle prostate massage can elevate your sex life to a completely new level.

Of course sexual pleasure isn't the only reason that you should explore massaging the prostate. Much like other kinds of massages, prostate massages have a multitude of medical applications as well. The evidence of the medical benefits of prostate massages are either anecdotal or from small case studies. That being the case this form of massage is mostly used for pleasure. It is widely thought that by massaging the prostate you will clear the prostatic duct of any stagnant fluid. By clearing this duct you will be promoting a greater general health of your prostate. Gently massaging your prostate gland will also reduce symptoms from many conditions, such as painful ejaculation(1). Prostate massages can also be used to treat Erectile Dysfunction and an impeded urine flow. Before modern medicine was able to invent treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and a blocked urine flow these conditions were treated with prostate massages. However, in this day and age you are going to be better off by combining a prostate massage with other treatments for Erectile Dysfunction and a blocked urine flow(1). While the massaging of the prostate has its medical uses it is mostly enjoyed by those who are trying to elevate their sexual experience and intensify their orgasm. In these kinds of sexual contexts a prostate massage is often given a new name.

Like so many sexual positions, the prostate massage has been dubbed a variety of interesting names. Some call it prostate milking or man milking. While others use more creative names, like a moo job, the Queen's dessert, the prostate ballet, a morning Joe, poking the purple plum, a Dutch buffalo, juicing the root, the French release, the dirty hitchhiker, riding the wombat, the Wisconsin hand warmer, and of course hiking the Appalachian trail(2). Regardless of what you call it a prostate massage is going to send an intense wave of pure pleasure rushing over you. Most men report that massaging their prostate leads to a quickly reached but very intense orgasm. However if you would like to reach an even more intense orgasm much faster you will get there by using a sex toy to stimulate your prostate(3). I experienced that very thing when I was experimenting with the Wildfire Slimline G-Vibe .

One day I decided that I was getting enough satisfaction from ordinary dick stroking. That being said I was left with a limited number of other options, but I knew from past experience that I would enjoy a little anal play. I looked at my collection of sex toys and my attention was drawn to the Wildfire Slimline G-Vibe. By looking at it I knew that the angle it had would easily reach my prostate. I decided to dive into a new experience. I cleaned myself up, stripped off my clothes, helped myself to a generous portion of lube, and slid the Wildfire into my body. It took a couple of seconds of internal exploration, with the humming magic wand, in order to find the sweet spot that is the prostate. Once I did the buzzing of the Wildfire spread out to my thighs and abdomen. I began to to feel a tingling sensation in my dick, even though I wasn't touching it. Then, I felt a warmth building in my abdomen and cock. My cock kept getting harder as the tingling sensation increased. The warmth began to extend to my entire body as the buzzing and tingling sensations grew. I began to moan as the pleasure built within me, it built to a level I thought was impossible to reach. At that point I exploded in ecstasy. This explosion flung me to new heights as my muscles tensed and immediately went limp. I lay in bed, completely exhausted. I had never experienced an orgasm as intense as that one before. After feeling such an intense surge of pleasure I began to search the web and found that such an orgasm is known as a prostate orgasm(4). It's actually fairly common during a prostate massage.

While a prostate massage will be able to take you to new heights of orgasmic ecstasy there are times when it should be avoided. If you have acute prostatitis, prostatic calculi – stones that can build up in the prostate –, hemorrhoids, or prostate cancer then you should not partake in a prostate massage. If you have any of these conditions massaging the prostate could produce a significant amount of pain(5). If you are on the healthier side of the spectrum than you will require some preparation. Many people recommend wearing rubber gloves, especially when you're performing a prostate massage on another person, for the sake of cleanliness. You are also going to need a tremendous amount of lube, you will never have too much lube. If you are using rubber gloves then a water based lube would be your best bet, Astroglide is the best known water based lube. A silicone or oil based lube could damage the integrity of the rubber gloves(4). Your lube options open up a bit more if you decide that you want to go in without gloves. The masseuse also needs to have trimmed finger nails in order to avoid scratching the prostate. The recipient of the massage also needs to clean up a bit. To get the most out of the massage you will want to make sure your bowels are empty and your anus is clean(5). Once your preparation is complete you are ready to begin the prostate massage.

Once the preparation has been done and you are relaxed it's time to get milked. There are four positions that are best for getting the massage. You can lie on your side with your knees up to your chest, you can bend over something, you can prop yourself up on all fours, or you lie on your back and throw your feet up in the air. The decision should be based on what's most comfortable for you(5). Once you're in position, the masseuse is going to place their finger in past the two sphincter muscles. Once they are past the sphincters they'll begin to look for the prostate; it will be approximately 3 or 4 inches into the anus. The finger of the masseuse will need to be curled once inside the anus; as if they are trying to feel the belly button from inside of you. The masseuse will know once they've found the prostate. It is a bulge the size of a walnut and is firmer than the surrounding tissue. The prostate will feel similar to the cartilage in your nose. Once the masseuse has found the prostate they need to keep in mind that they should be very gentle during the massage. Applying too much force to the prostate could hurt you(5). That being said, let the massage begin.

Start by gently stroking the sides of the gland, then make your way the prostate itself. Continue to rub the gland and don't be afraid to mix up the rhythm that you are using, go from rubbing to stroking. Don't be afraid to gently tickle or tap it either. While this sensuous massage is going on the recipient is most likely going to release a lot of pre-cum, also known as prostate fluid. It is a clear sticky liquid, essentially it's semen without any sperm(5). This is completely normal. Actually reaching a prostate orgasm depends on the recipient of the massage. It can take any where from ten minutes to an hour, it comes down to how relaxed you are when you're getting the massage. The more relaxed you are the faster you'll orgasm. The man has no control over when he cums, he won't be able to hold it back. A warm wave of pleasure will just overcome him. Whether or not the recipient's dick is erect does not matter during a prostate massage, the pleasure will be the same either way(6). Regardless of the technique of the masseuse or the time it takes to reach, a prostate orgasm is the most intense orgasm a man can have.

Let us never think that we have mastered the art of sex. There are always new techniques being developed. It's imperative that you keep in mind the areas that you might be neglecting on your body, such as the prostate. Stimulating the prostate has a cornucopia of benefits, both medical and sexual. The key one being that the prostate is the doorway to the most intense orgasm possible within the male body(6). With a little preparation, a little exploration, and a little relaxation you can enjoy these massive orgasms any time you wish(5). You simply have to open yourself up to new possibilities.

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