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The Dangers of Sexual Repression

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The Dangers of Sexual Repression

Josh Killoran

Since the dawn of civilization it seems that humans have been looking for reasons to deny their basic desires and needs. One of those desires that gets denied ever so often is the desire for sex. As soon as people invented morality the sex drive began to get swept under the rug. This process of denying your own sexuality, for whatever reason, is known as sexual repression and is widely seen as unhealthy in modern society. However, sexual repression has been such a part of our civilization that it still persists today. It persists as a part of religion, it persists as a old fashioned morality, and it could persist as part of a system of family values. When it exists within a person it will feed on them like a parasite and twist their minds into an unhealthy state. Now human society must encourage people to put in the work to untwist their minds and celebrate their sexuality. We must exorcise sexual repression, as much as possible, from our modern minds – but first we must understand it.

Sexual Repression Definition

Sexual repression is like when you tie a knot in a garden hose, but keep the water on. The water continues to flow up to the knot. At that point the hose will swell and stretch into a unnatural shape. The hose very well might tear so the water can spew out. You are the hose and sexual repression is the knot. If you don't untie that knot your psyche could burst. Sexual repression is a mental state that people can be put into where they cannot express their sexuality. It can even manifest as physical illness and neuroses. In order to find the extremes of sexual repression we simply need to look back into history. Throughout history the people that fell deepest into sexual repression exhibit a loss of perspective, dangerous behavior and cruel actions. Their minds get twisted. This mental corruption occurs because they cannot relieve the tension inside them which builds into a deep seated frustration and anger. Eventually, the sexually repressed will seek out unhealthy outlets to purge their frustration, anger and tension(1). While you may want to exorcise yourself of some kind of sexual repression first you need to be able to recognize the signs.

Sexual Repression Symptoms

Sexual repression is the result of having shame and guilt thrust upon, usually by other people who are already sexually repressed. You might not realize that you're sexually repressed until it is too late – some people never realize it. Fortunately you can look for signs that will let you know whether or not you have slipped into a state of sexual repression. Many of the signals of sexual repression involve viewing sex from a perspective of misery and negativity. Many people who are sexually repressed hate the mere sight of their own genitals. They have shame about sex and their genitals are the instruments of that sex. If you think that masturbation is in some way immoral then you're probably dealing with some level of sexual repression. Building up the loss of their virginity to be a monumental event is something that sexually repressed people do. As a result of sexual repression many people build a code of morality that sees premarital sex as immoral. On the lighter side of this spectrum people often believe that it's wrong for women to be the aggressor in dating or sex. Also, these people will view oral sex as demeaning, will be afraid to ask for sex or believe they don't deserve sexual gratification(2). These are the symptoms of sexual repression people should learn to recognize and then correct. After correcting the symptoms people should recognize the source in order to avoid them in the future.

Sexual Repression History

In recent years sexual repression is often passed on through a family's set of values or is absorbed through a cultural miasma of oppression. However, that culture or set of values didn't begin the sexual repression. In all likelihood those systems absorbed sexual repression by way of religion. Religion has long aimed at denying the animal side of humanity. The leaders of spiritual movements want to separate us from nature by claiming that we can ignore our basic drives and needs. Listening to these leaders is what has steeped the world in a sexual repression that requires undoing. Religions have a long history of inflicting sexual repression upon the masses by convincing people that sex is evil and should be denied; particularly Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Since the beginning of these three religions they have preached that sex is an immoral act that should only be engaged in for reproduction. They make their followers feel intense shame for not being able to cease their arousal. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all preach that sex is particularly immoral before marriage, when people are the most horny, and if it's between members of the same sex. Imagine if you were a homosexual in the thick of one of these three religions. Authority figures are telling you that every sexual urge you have is evil and if you succumb to these natural impulses you will be punished by the all mighty God. You would have no choice but to completely repress your entire sexuality, as many people have. In such a situation the only way to relieve some of the tension created by this environment would be to masturbate. Yet, religion preaches that this is also evil. They allow their followers no quarter and have engineered a system that forces sexual repression to build to the breaking point(3). Seeing as how many countries', particularly in the western world and middle east, history are tightly tied into religion it isn't surprising that sexual repression is plaguing large swaths of the world. We all need to keep in mind that there is no reason to feel sham or guilt about your sexual drives.


As soon as an adolescent spiritual system sprung up in early civilizations spiritual leaders have been trying to get people to deny their more primitive desires. After enough denying these people begin to feel guilt and shame around those desires, such as sex. This is how sexual repression has taken root all over the world. Once you are sexually repressed you are unable to express your very sexuality. This will lead to further health problems, which can be both physical and psychological. Luckily, this insidious repression has symptoms that you can recognize in yourself and others. Once you have, it is time to take action and seek professional help. Depending on the intensity of your repression you might want to seek help from a psychologist or a doctor. Good luck fellow travelers.

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