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How Orgasms Resolve Stress

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How Orgasms Resolve Stress

Josh Killoran

The modern person is swimming their way through stress. A constant river of stress is bursting through the different parts of our lives. The workplace is overrunning with stress. Families are bound to heap stress upon our backs. This stress will negatively affect so many areas of your life. Your body will become poisoned and your mind will become twisted. Stress will change how you treat yourself and others. However, there is a very simple and natural way to dissolve this stress from your life; the almighty orgasm. Whether you reach this bliss through sex or masturbation, the poison of stress will be purged.

Stress has become so common in the modern world that western medicine has had to recognize it's effects. The definition that we use for stress is technically distress. What we call stress is continual hardships without breaks. These challenges are going to flare up in everyone's life, the problem comes when you get no relief. This kind of stress is so common that 43% of adults feel the awful effects of stress on their bodies. It has gotten to the point where the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has listed stress as a workplace hazard(1). The effects that stress has on your mind and body could lead you down a path littered with illness. If you leave stress rotting inside you, untreated, it could kill you.

The human body is not made to undergo endless stress. You need to give yourself relief. The only proof you need is the reaction that we have to frequent stress. When a body is put under a large amount of stress it is going to go through a great deal of pain. Stress leads to headaches, chest pain, and fatigue. As well as muscle tension(2). Of course, these symptoms will compound on previous illnesses. Stress is going to worsen arthritis, diabetes, and asthma(1). Stress will not just wreak havoc on your body, it will also twist your mind. Those that are under stress will feel restlessness and a lack of motivation. These are the least of the mental effects. Eventually, people who are stressed out will go into a nosedive of anxiety, depression, and unbridled anger. Once these poisonous emotions seep into your head your behavior will be influenced. It's very common for stress to change peoples appetites as well as decrease their levels of exercise. More serious changes in behavior are social withdrawal and the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Eventually everyone reaches their breaking point while under stress. Many people who can't deal with their stress wind up having violent outbursts and lashing out at the people around them(2). While stress will kill you, there are ways to fend off this terminal force. One of the best and most natural ways of combating stress is by having frequent and intense orgasms.

During an orgasm there are many chemical reactions that take place within the brain. The most notable being the massive release of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that has very therapeutic properties. This wonder chemical is able to mange stress on the molecular level. Oxytocin controls the levels of prolactin and ACTH in your brain, which decreases the levels of stress in your life(3). Oxytocin also acts as a sedative, further relaxing you. With this relaxation flooding into them people often report feeling safe(4). The more intense the orgasm, the more oxytocin will be released. With all the healing attributes put together an orgasm acts like a reset button. Also, the more intense your orgasm is the better you are going to feel(3). Orgasms are able to flush out your system, they directly combat the headaches and muscle tension caused by stress with a pain relieving effect. Orgasms also force oxygen directly into your brain. This extra oxygen gives you a higher level of brain function. This sudden burst of pleasure forces your body to produce more immunoglobulin A, thereby boosting your immune system(4). The orgasm is one of the greatest forms of self therapy. It will send you drifting into a sea of relaxation where pain is relieved, the brain is activated, and sickness is alleviated. All of these effects will be heightened the orgasm is intense. That being the case, if you love yourself it is your responsibility to have many intense orgasms as often as possible.

Due to the fact that stress is so destructive it's so important to find ways to alleviate it. There are many things that will ease your stress, but not many are as effective as the orgasm. The orgasm is incredible at relieving your stress, everyone is able to have one, you can do it alone or with others, and it can be intensified for added benefits. Once that you know that the orgasm is capable of these great feats then as soon as you are feeling stressed you need to give yourself an orgasm. The fact that a more intense orgasm will give you more stress relief means that you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't work up the intensity of your orgasm. Knowing that, in order to treat yourself to a proper respite from stress you should be using sex toys in some aspect of your sex life. When women use a vibrator the stress melts away at an incredible rate due to the heightened intensity of the orgasm. The same applies to men when they either excite their prostate or use a masturbation sleeve. Sex toys are an incredibly easy way to instantly increase the intensity of the orgasm that you're enjoying. Sex toys are, therefore, a great way to decrease the amount of stress in your life.

Whether you add to it with sex toys or not, orgasms are incredibly effective at relieving stress. This extends down to the chemical level inside your brain. The effects then blossom out from your brain and relax your body. It is a form of therapy that you can easily give yourself. Orgasms will purify your body of the poison that is stress and it will give you a more pleasant life.

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