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Tyron Woodley: Future Sex Symbol

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Tyron Woodley: Future Sex Symbol

Josh Killoran

I was watching the UFC 214 card the other night and a question struck me upside the head. Why isn't Tyron Woodley a sex symbol? He should be right? As the gears turned inside my brain all I came up with were reasons that he should be. Think about who the modern sex symbols are: Kim Kardashian and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Woodley not only looks sexy as hell but has skills and talent that would put those two to shame. It doesn't make much sense.

Tyron Woodley is the UFC Welterweight champion and might very well have the best physique in the whole organization. He has chiseled muscles on top of chiseled muscles. Woodley is what a champion should look like. His muscles are big enough to be called huge but are not obscene like a bodybuilders; they're functional. If you look at his body it is pretty much perfectly symmetrical. He doesn't have one side that he obviously works more than the other. His face follows suit with his physique. Woodley has stern facial features that are paired with a thick cropped beard. He looks incredibly masculine and like he could impose himself on anyone he wanted to. Woodley seems like he could do whatever he wanted to you during sex, man or woman. All we have to do is look at some of his weigh in pictures to see what he would be working with. It would certainly seem like Woodley has a hefty weapon between his legs. Not only is he beautiful but he has skill in the octagon as well.

It takes all lot to become a UFC champ, they're generally the best in their divisions. Seeing that the UFC is the premier MMA organization of the world the argument could be made that Tyron Woodley is currently the greatest Welterweight MMA fighter in the world. Many people consider the Welterweight and Bantamweight divisions to be the most competitive weight classes in the UFC – this only shines a brighter spotlight on Woodley's skills. Woodley has climbed onto that pedestal with natural talent, incredibly hard work, and very smart game plans. Throughout his entire preofessional fighting career, including the UFC and before, Woodley has 22 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw. Keep in mind that record is in a highly competitive weight class across different organizations, including the premier organization on the globe. Those wins were achieved by combining superb wrestling skills with the natural power of a knockout artist. On many occasions Woodley has put fighters to sleep in the first round. This includes the man who he took the title of champion from, Robbie Lawler. Of course that isn't the only way that Tyron has been able to keep a winning record. Woodley has consistently come up with good game plans that he sticks to which often ends with him coming out on top. His fight at UFC 214 is evidence of that. Although the crowd booed the lack of blood and gore, you have to appreciate the technical skill that Woodley brought to the table. He was fighting Damian Maia, one of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the UFC. Maia attempted over twenty take downs on Woodley and none of them were successful. Tyron deftly slipped out of each and every one, while still inflicting enough damage to win. Tyron has combined his natural talent with hard work and intelligence to make it to the top of his field. The entire time cultivating the body of a Greek god. Compare that combination of skill and physique to The Rock or Kim Kardashian and try not to be impressed.

Tyron Woodley should be considered a sex symbol – imagine him being your power top. The biggest reason that I can think for why he's not is that MMA isn't quite mainstream. It's getting there, but not quite. When it comes to football the most clueless person will know when the Superbowl is on. The same goes for the World Series and the Stanley Cup because football, baseball, and hockey are all mainstream. Some people are completely unaware about the most highly anticipated UFC pay-per-views. Hence why those people don't know about Tyron Woodley and why he isn't used for JOM (Jack Off Material) on a daily basis. Just hold on a little longer Tyron, as long as the sport grows you can get to sex symbol status.